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 My name is Alexander Vla. Coming from a European family background, hunting was a tradition, and has always been a part of my life. Family and relatives always gathered together, during hunting season. It was no surprise, why Autumn became my favorite time of year. As a little boy, I can remember walking behind my grandfather in search of pheasants. My grandpa would often lift me up, per my whining requests, in order to see the dog search for game. I was mesmerized with hunting dogs, from an early age.

Growing up, I hunted over Vizslas, Shorthairs, and Weimaraners. Over the years, I had developed a passion for many types of hunting. As a young adult, I decided to search for a hunting dog, that was extremely versatile, something unique. The rest is the history.

I have owned and trained the wirehaired breed, for over 20 years. I started with (AKC) German Wirehairs, and then migrated over to the Deutsch Drahthaar (VDD).  In my opinion, DD dogs are the ultimate in versatility. All VDD dogs, certified for breeding, have to be tested and proven, according to German standards. These are hardcore versatile dogs, wired for hunting. Hence the name, Kennel vom Hardwire.

A Deutsch Drahthaar is a pointer, retriever, beagle, and bloodhound all in one. To find out more information about Deutsch Drahthaars, and the VDD,  go to

Duchess II vom Jagdkonig


          "Dori"  is what Hardwire considers, breeding material. She is an exceptional hunting dog, with unbelievable stamina. She can outlast most any male, I have hunted with.
That said, she is calm and well behaved, in our home. In our opinion, temperament is everything when it comes to a DD. Anyone that knows this female, will vouch to her friendly personality to both dogs, and people, alike. 


Achan vom Hardwire          VJP - 77,  HZP - 173,   Form and Hair  10, 11        Richard Jensen

Audi vom Hardwire           VJP - 70,  HZP - 189,  Form and Hair   11, 12        Zak Pesic

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